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19 Aug

There were vast landscapes to admire. From time to time they would meet a few solitary men with their cattle.

There were crashing icebergs and on the other side some whales and sea lions and magelllan pinguins.

There were magnificent vineyards, bathing in the sun and lying on the slopes of the Andes. And men fascinated by their centuries old science.

There was the melody of a tango she liked, you could hear it from the street before entering the old milonga place.

But for the moment, she was just daydreaming, and it hadn’t all started yet.


The little things

18 Aug

In the last few months, we increasingly realised how our day to day life was dominated by running, appointments, performance, etc. There was little time to see, hear, smell the beautiful things around us. And we were not sure to know anymore how to separate the important from the not important.

The beautiful things around us: only if we look for them by purpose, like Mario in this film excerpt, we see them and realise the treasures there are just in front of our nose.¬†Mario (played by the great Massimo Troisi) is an almost illiterate postman on a fishermen island in the south of Italy, in the 1950’s. In this scene, he is collecting sounds of his island to send them over to his friend Pablo Neruda, the Chilean poet, who has left the island.

During the next months we want to slow down and strengthen our ability to see the little beautiful things around us, to learn to enjoy moments and to define ourselves through other things than our professional lives and accomplishments. It will be interesting. Like relearning a language you did once learn, but forgot.