The beauty of Peninsula Valdès

13 Dec

For the whale watching, we stayed on a Peninsula along the Patagonian coast called “Peninsula Valdès”. The few little hotels available on the Peninsula (not more than 3 or 4) are mainly in the small town of Pyramides, which happened to be a very nice surprise to us…

We didn’t expect much, all excited we were about soon being able to see whales. However, Pyramides is an experience for itself. Previously a tiny sleepy fisherman village, young people from the “alternative” scene in Buenos Aires started building up the place some 15 years ago, giving it gradually a laid-back, hippy, nature-loving touch.

Now it is a lovely town where you forget about time and any other kind of worries. Wooden houses with interesting design and flashy colours form a nest around the shiny waters of the bay.

Peninsula Valdès is not only exciting because of the presence of whales. Renting a car to drive around, we spent our days from one animal-watching to the other, amazed by the diversity of fauna and by how close we could be to all kinds of wild animals.

Sea lions enjoying the sun…

Sea elephants waiting for the high tide…

Group of Ñandus (kind of Lama)…

In this town of 250 inhabitants, everyone knows each other and I would guess the average age is around 35. After the animal-watching activities of the day, everyone – tourists and “locals” – sits to a well-deserved drink and seafood plate in one of the cosy inns of the village. Needless to say how satisfied we felt at the end of the day…


One Response to “The beauty of Peninsula Valdès”

  1. José Mateo March 17, 2011 at 4:21 pm #

    I was there three years ago, have similar pictures of the same places (like the sea lion colony) and was also having dinner in this colorful restaturant. It’s nice to remember these moments and these images, despite some bittersweet memories.

    See you soon,

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