In Patagonia

6 Dec

It took us no less than 5 hours of train, 14 hours of flight, and 22 hours of bus to arrive to the end of the world.

Oh, certainly we were not the first ones to fancy the idea of such a trip… It’s been long that travellers of all kinds decided to follow the spur of Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid. You could see them sitting in lonesome cafés, absorbed in the reading of Bruce Chatwin or Luis Sepulveda…

It is not easy to describe how it feels to have for the first time both feet on the mythical soil of Patagonia. Is it that there is something special in the air? Is it that very particular austral light, soft and blinding at the same time? Or even the absolute immensity of the landscape? Or is it just that feeling that you are far, very, very far away from everything…

The road trip on the bus was the best introduction we could have wished for.  The long, almost perfectly straight Ruta Nacional 3 was impossibly monotonous. From time to time, we would pass by minimalist villages or truckers’ stops. You could see huge pieces of meat being grilled directly on an open fire.

When the landscape reached its most minimalistic look, and the sun stood at its brightest, we knew we had reached the first milestone of our Patagonian trip.


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