Danish winter magic

3 Dec

It was a bright sunny day on the island of Lolland.

In the night, the first snow of the year had fallen. The fields were white as far as you could see, the air was fresh and clean, and the sky intensely blue.

Ulla and me, we had planned to pay a visit to a nearby organic farm, the official reason being that we wanted to buy some of their delicious goat and sheep cheeses. With their cheeses the farm had won many prizes!

Oh, but their was much more to it… Get to taste many kinds of cheeses in the farm shop, try the newly opened café (hoping they would have very nice cakes), walk around the farm and pay a visit to the goats and sheeps,…

And of course, of course, take a stroll in the woods around the farm and enjoy the sight of the Danish countryside in winter…

Knuthenlund, island of Lolland, Danemark.

PS: we arrived in Argentina :). This afternoon: off to Patagonia!


3 Responses to “Danish winter magic”

  1. Tobias December 3, 2010 at 6:46 pm #

    Nice pictures! What do you like more; that or Asia???

  2. sabine December 4, 2010 at 8:33 am #

    ach ich freu mich immer wieder über die schönen Impressionen – es macht es “leichter” nachzuvollziehen wo ihr gerade seid und ob es ein angenehmes Reisen ist.
    Gute Zeit in Argentinien!
    Lieben Gruß

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