Early morning at the market

22 Oct

The first ray of sun made its way through the coconut trees, our bedroom window and finally through our white cotton mosquito net.

We yawned and strechted. It was Monday morning, 6:15, but we didn’t care much about which day it was and if it was too early or too late.

“What do you think? Maybe we could take advantage of our early wake-up to visit the local market?”. Yes. Indeed. We had wished to pay the market a visit for some days, but were reluctant to put an alarm clock at 5 or 6 in the morning. You see, here in Bali, if you get there after 7 o’clock everything is basically over.

So, off we were to the Ubud central market. Our official excuse was that this is the only place to find young coconuts. A healer had recommended to drink the water of the fresh coconut every morning.

But in reality, oh, in reality, we just wanted to smell and taste and observe everything this market contained. To discover all the spices, to know the name of each vegetable, to taste each sort of rice sweets and maybe to bargain a thing or two.

So we didn’t find the coconuts (at 6:30 they were already sold out ), but we found everything else…

Balinese shallots and garlic, so mild and so aromatic…

Chillis, to fire your mouth and your stomach…

Fully prepared gods offerings, for the busy ones…

Flowers, for if you want to prepare your gods offerings yourself…

Think before you buy live chicken, because then you get to carry them through the whole market, and it’s not very handy…

Silver, silver are the fishes!

Traditionally-made Balinese salt is a delicacy. It is mild and refines the meals with subtlety.

A proud Balinese woman thrones upon her fruits…

There is hardly a more beautiful reason to get up at 6 o’clock, isn’t there?

PS: the Moving Cookbook is getting updated with Balinese health recipes 😉


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