In the realm of the Cambodian god-kings

5 Oct

They had decided to get up early. Very early. They wanted to be there before sunrise.

They had told the TukTuk driver to pick them up at 5 o’clock. It was still very dark and nothing of the Cambodian landscape could be seen, except for some shy lights far away across the rice fields.

Too early for breakfast, no time for coffee. But their eyes were more hungry about what was to come and to be seen. When finally they reached the place, many others were already here. Ready to share the experience. They sat down and waited.

And then it happened. The sky changed and the light of a new day shaped the dramatic landscape and, in its center, the great temple.

Oh, it was vast. As vast as the Khmer territory had been at that time, reaching from Laos, to Thailand, to Vietnam. And back in the Xth Century, the Khmer kings had erected monuments of unseen grace and size to the glory of their gods and of their power.

What else to do than getting lost in the temple? There was something intoxicating about the intricacy of the detailed stone sculptures and the hugeness of the whole construction.

There was something dazzling about the remainings of a civilization surrounded by lush vegetation.

And after Angkor Wat, they moved on, passing Cambodian day-to-day life.

They arrived at Bayon, the Temple of the Faces. Enormous beings made of stone, watching the visitors insistently.

In between the temples were the dancers. Some of their ancestors had been the models for this temple.

It had been a good, intensive, stunning first day at Angkor.

Temples of Angkor Wat and Bayon, Angkor, Cambodia.


2 Responses to “In the realm of the Cambodian god-kings”

  1. Kenneth October 10, 2010 at 10:32 am #

    amazing, makes me want to go there as well!

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