A meaningful hobby

25 Sep

“I like to have a hobby that is meaningful”, said David this morning at breakfast table.

We were having a long Saturday brunch with fresh-made little breads, a big bowl of fresh fruits, greek yogurt and a newly-found extravagant eggs recipe*. Oh, and the homemade apple juice… There had been a lot of apples this summer, and they had been pressing many liters of liquid joy for the winter…

But the most wonderful of all was standing proudly at the center of the table: a pot of  homemade honey. Oh, the homemade honey. It was a real delicacy, so sweet, it smelled to flowers and looked like liquid gold. A real treasure.

After the breakfast, we paid a visit to the bees in the garden.

For the not-so-experienced, there was a full-fledge equipment.

We greeted each of the three families, checking for a healthy queen every time. The first queen we found was Fanny. Can you see her? She is quite big and has a blue mark on her head. You know, royalties always do have particular signs of nobelty.

Each house was carefully reviewed. Inspected with expert eyes. The little bees were fed, in preparation for the tough Scandinavian winter months.

Certainly the most satisfying moment is when you collect the fruits of this little wonder that the bees created…

On Tuesday, we will fly to Bangkok 🙂

* The extravagant egg recipe is transcripted in the Moving Cookbook.


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