Experiencing Louisiana

6 Sep

It was a museum for people who don’t like museums.

For people who don’t like to be trapped in a sad building for several hours, feeling obliged to politely go from room to room, carefully watching every sculpture, every painting, reading the corresponding descriptions that didn’t say much anyway (“Painting by Claude Monet, 1947, blue period”).

But in this museum, no… In this museum, everything was meant to let visitors enjoy art freely and without rules. There was actually no obligation to like a piece of art. The important thing was to experience it and let it act on you.

This is what she had heard. And so she decided to try, to see if maybe she’d like it… To step into the car on a bright sunny morning and drive up the coast to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

And for this, yes, for this purpose exactly, the place was perfect.

PS: we have left Danemark and are on our way to France…


2 Responses to “Experiencing Louisiana”

  1. Chrissi September 12, 2010 at 1:05 pm #

    Louisiana is one of my favourite museums in the world… and I have seen countless museums! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your impressions, I enjoy following the travels and adventures of you two… all the best!!

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