The cat who decided to live outside

17 Aug

I retain cats are interesting little creatures.

All cats I’ve known always proved to have quite a strong temper. Last week in Monaco, I met one which was definitely one of those hardcore-“I-do-only-what-I-want”- types of cat.

Every evening on my way back home (walking back from the beach, hehe ), I’d see him comfortably lying on his sofa on his motorbike-used-as-sofa, in the street in front of our building. A couple of meters further, was his bathroom catbox with sand, and on the front door steps his kitchen a few “croquettes” (French cat food).

“what the hell, cat! You don’t have a home?” Homeless beings in Monaco… Who would have thought?

After a week of so, we finally uncovered this mistery, while chatting with Liliane, the neighbour.

“Et beh… Figurez-vous que depuis que ses propriétaires ont décidé de prendre un deuxième chat, et ben, Monsieur, il est jaloux et il veut plus rentrer dans la maison! Et ça fait des mois que ça dure!”

Did you get it? 😉


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